Lunch Crowd

Everyday at lunch I got to the library to read and goof off with my friends. Well, I knew one guy from lunch last year, he had a friend, “Taco” he knew and we became a group, and my other guy friend and this girl who I’ve known since my Buford Days. We’ve become the regular lunch time crowd. This is how it goes down, “Caela” and I walk down the stairs near the library together, I sign both of our names on the list every time, because I insist on being the first one through the door and to the sign up sheet, we sashay in and sit down on the black leathered , therapist style couch. We talk, I read on and off, sometimes not at all. Sometimes “J” is there, sometimes not. The wait isn’t long before “Taco” and “Foreign quaff hair boy” waltz in like they know what we’re thinking: About US

Which is exactly the case. C likes FQHB, who told me he didn’t like her, but from the looks off things I think he might of’ve sparked an interest lately. Sometimes they seem a little too cozy. Meanwhile, I have my eye on T.Part of me knows he doesn’t like me the way I like him, but he makes me laugh.

From a friend, “It’s impossible not to like a guy that makes you laugh all the time.”

While I agree with that, I’m trying not to go there.But it felt so good to like someone again. To get all excited to see them and laugh with them and stare at them. It felt so good to want someone fresh and new. Speaking of D hasn’t been to school lately. I’m not complaining, but it’s been boring without his constant flirting and mixed signals . . . I’m so not going there again, but it’s fun to play with your puppets, right?

Anyway, back to T. I’m not going to risk making our Library Crowd awkward by dating T and then it ending badly. It’s not worth the risk. I can see it now: Us dating, everything’s fine, then I get distant and scared and break it off. SPLIT! There’s a divide between the LC Gals & Guys! Everyone prepare for the worse. Take cover. Try to avoid flying emotions as well as flying objects. I hear C can pack a punch!